"Design is not a science, just move things around until it feels right."

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Watch: These hilarious PSAs about black people should required viewing for all racists

With a brutal honesty and directness that’s often missing from the current conversations about racism and stereotypes in American society, these PSAs could be modeling what an authentic, person-to-person dialogue about silly social divisions could actually look like. It helps that they are also legitimately funny.

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#FoossaFinds - 18 July 2014
We curate insightful readings, awesome events, #SpiritAnimals, and other inspiration. Look for it on Fridays.

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Petition To Release Japanese Vagina Artist Gathers 20,000 Signatures

Artist Megumi Igarishi was arrested for distributing 3-D printable files of her own vagina. #FreeMegumi

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2,000 LED-Filled Balloons.
1 room.

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Can pop-ups sustain small businesses in pricey downtown New York? f

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One suggestion is to turn the Amazonian stadium into a giant jail. But two architects have a more positive idea: Why not convert part of the old stadiums into much-needed housing?

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The End of an Era


Bees Wax, Lasercut Cardboard, Paint, and Ink on Paper

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